These blades are made of Premium Swedish Steel and are specifically designed for food processing

Timber Wolf® Meat & Fish Blade Features Timber Wolf® Meat & Fish Blade Benefits
Swedish High Carbon Polished Steel Excellent wear resistance
Unique Tooth Geometry Superior cutting performance and reduced waste
Proprietary Induction Hardening Method Superior tempering for better blade life
Milled Teeth Produces the sharpest edge

(discounts listed below)

(3/4″ x 4 Prime for cutting fresh meat)

(5/8″ x 3 Prime for cutting frozen meat and fish)

Quantity discounts are as follows:
10-19 pcs. – 15% off
20-29 pcs. – 25% off
30 pcs. or more – 30% off

Please call for pricing. We weld blades to any length and can ship within 24 hours. If you require Technical Service for any cutting application please contact us at 800-234-7297.